I. Failure

You start a diet and then you quit.

You decide to exercise and then you stop.

You get into bad relationships and stay.

You fall victim to addictions and hurt yourself and others.

You abandon projects that are important to you.

You are unhappy in your job but don’t seek new opportunities.

II. Rebellion

You don’t understand why you keep coming up short. It’s almost like your rebelling against yourself. Rebelling against being a happy, contented person.

How can you take your rebellious streak and use its power for good?

How can you channel rebellion into victory instead of failure?

III. Freedom

Make this your mantra:

Inspire me to change. Show me how to use my “inner rebel” to get what I want and need. Help me find insights from others that I can turn into action.

Help my “inner rebel” ignite my head, heart, soul and body to create positive change in myself, others and the world.

Help me find lasting freedom.