On My Mind...

  Clearing skies ahead?

Yeah, for every appearance this country is in a meltdown. Even prior to the horrific natural calamities, the unlikely election of Trump, a man of unnatural needs, had occurred.

We've gone from bad to worse as far as he is concerned and we find ourselves so far off base that little adds to the surprise. Each malicious act is followed by another and each day brings its own hand-wringing, OMGs, and ire.

We've never experienced such a display of Democracy's fault lines, nor have we witnessed the exposed throat of Lady Liberty.

Compounding the Trump phenomenon, truly of greater risk, is the abandonment by Congress (Republicans) of its role to serve and protect. We have witnessed incompetence in both the Executive and Legislative branches of government as never seen in my lifetime. Destructive urges rule the moment. Checks and balances have been replaced with passive acquiescence, if not emboldening silence, as the country can no longer even tread water.

So, with all signs of the setting American sun, where do we look for solace, for hope, and for a resurgent future?

While Trump works his way to final ignominy, signs of weakening alliances have emerged, including evidence that Congress has been sufficiently alarmed (fearing for themselves, of course) that we are hearing open discord with a tremor of mutiny. Best guess, is that they have solution to rid us of the "deranged one", unless they are unprepared to even try and save themselves (unthinkable). Something is afoot in Congress and it must play out before the shellacking that 2018 will bring to the Republicans, if nothing happens to thwart it.

Mueller is quietly, but quickly, working to secure his information for others to follow should he be fired. His investigations are in both political and criminal arenas and he has put together a powerful and experienced team of political and criminal prosecutors.

As utterly inconceivable as it seems, our Executive Branch is being held together by former US General Officers, who have sworn loyalty to our Constitution. They have led exemplary lives of commitment to our nation and, as unusual as it seems, they are rock solid in their determination to continue their roles.

Lastly, "We The People" are taking on a slowly awakening role, not called for perhaps since the Civil War, to mobilize and secure our founding principles. There is a growing sense of urgency. A declaration of renewal is becoming apparent.

The timeline for an unfolding challenge to the current chaos has begun.

First Milestone: Tillerson (for better or for worse) has stated that he is going nowhere. The former Generals, Kelly, McMaster, and Mattis have signaled their intent to "protect" this nation. That's close to a 100 years of combined service and loyalty speaking. The containment of Trump and the White House has occurred.

Next, Congress will force Trump to exit (perhaps an offer of indemnity) or be removed (Article 25) for incompetence. This drumbeat is quickening and leaks in Congress are beginning.

Our role in this disengagement will be to keep pressure on our legislators, to encourage centrists on both sides of the political aisle, and to vote in all elections that we can.

The most powerful repudiation of our current anomaly is the vote...