Breaking Through the Resistance is Rebellious

There are many things I know I should do or really want to do and all too often resist doing. I intend to become an accomplished writer yet I don’t sit down to write regularly. I make excuses, procrastinate, waste time on social media or just fail to focus..

Resistance is rebellious yet it frequently manifests negatively. We resist what works, enriches and uplifts us. We do unproductive things rather than doing what will bring us closer to accomplishing our goals.

So here I sit writing about resisting the act of writing, taking a step toward rebelling against the very resistance that holds me back.

I would like to wake up every morning, set an intention and actually fulfill it. Make the calls that need to be made and touch the lives that could use my assistance.

Become laser focused on creating powerful uplifting content that resonates on a soul level with the people that read it.

I ask myself what is the payoff for not manifesting the song of my soul, why do I hold myself back and how can i break through this resistance.

Fear of failure or success or both? We’ve heard those excuses forever. I get the fear of judgment, am I good enough and will people resonate with what I’m trying to convey?

It’s been said that we procrastinate out of a fear of performing badly on the project or task we’re putting off. This plays right into our sense of self esteem and self worth.

I usually know when I’m resisting what needs to be done. I sit here right now, knowing that the whole reason i’m writing this BLOG post is to kick my ass out of my inconsistent writing habit and get myself back on track. This rebel has much to share and the time is now to breakthrough all my excuses and get on it!