Making Room to Know God by Jacqui Stack

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@Jacqui Stack

When we make little room to know who God is and what he says about us, we make a LOT of room for what people have to say about us. I am falling asleep peacefully tonight feeling secure that I am worthy, loved, seen, fearless, and enough! This is how Jesus sees me, and that’s life-changing and perspective shifting for me.

Lately, I’ve struggled to lay down the unrealistic expectations to exceed expectations at work, in my marriage, in my relationships, even in doing counseling work above average (hah!). That leads to burnout and placing my fear in what others (and myself) say about me. But I continue to remind myself that life is not about doing enough. In all that I do, it is about the relationships I have around me. Why do I work? To find relationships and be invested and steward those relationships well. Because at the end of the day, that is what I will remember and that is what will matter.

I will not remember the deadlines I made or the hours I spent working on perfecting the spreadsheet. I can do things with excellence, but when people come secondary and a thing that is “in my way of getting something done,” my priorities need shifting.

I’m always learning. Right now, I’m learning what being fearlessly me looks like, and that has been so rewarding to unfold. It means being more open to interruptions, and making people a priority above the task. It means knowing people get annoyed or think a certain way about me, but still loving who I am becoming and choosing to be fearless as I learn!