So you don't want to go to the gym? Waaaaaahhhh....

Let's get some stuff out of the way.  I am fat.  I don't like exercise.  I have never participated in a sport (except an ill-fated stint as a goalie in field hockey during high school.) But I don't like the way I look or feel.  So I had to put a real plan into action.  I had to rebel against my notion of exercise.

It's working. I am sort of loving going to the gym.  Or as my gym,  Midtown Athletic Club, emphatically proclaims: "More club than gym."me.

Here's what I have learned from going to the gym (excuse me, club) :

Reward me. It's all about the steam room and hot tub. If I row for 45 minutes and do weights for another 15,  I get to go into the steam room or hot tub.  It's that simple.  I am a person who needs rewards to do things I don't want to do.  Longevity and healthy aging are too conceptual. I need immediate gratification.

People who look like me.  Previously, I thought that gyms were only for hard bodies, which I qualify for only in terms of my head, knees and toes.   At my gym, I get motivated by seeing the fit folks, but I get comforted seeing plump ones.  And I get hopeful seeing the older fit ones because it shows me the possibilities.

Fool me. My gym doesn't feel like a gym. Midtown has figured out a formula that has more appeal to a non-gym goer like me.    They promote a sense of community.  Lots of different programs -- many not related to fitness.  Kid's area which my grandchildren love. Good healthy restaurant.  Outside pool and bar.  A staff that is intensely focused on customer service.  Essentially, it makes the monthly fee (hefty) worth it.  More importantly,  I go.  And it is becoming an important part of my life and social routine which is exactly what I need to become a fitter person.

Sometimes, my inner rebel needs a little trickery.