Let It Go

I used to take everything very seriously and quite frankly sometimes I still do. Growing up, my mom used to say to me “Meggie, let it go, it doesn’t matter.” Years later, I now know she was right because although I remember her saying let it go, I have no recollection of what she was advising me to let go of because it really didn’t matter in the long run. In the heat of the moment though it is often hard to let it go. One of my favorite yogis had a t-shirt on that said “Transcend the Bullsh*t.” I loved her shirt (and am on the hunt for one for myself!) and transcending the unnecessary is such a great way to consider letting it go. Outshining and rising above are the keys to releasing. Neither of those means pretending something didn’t happen and neither diminishes the importance of what happened. Rather, they require us to keep moving forward in order to shine brightly and be our true selves. So how do we move forward when we take things seriously or are bogged down by the grind?

Here’s what’s working well for me: • Taking a deep breath (or ten deep breaths) to pause and stop the mental spiral • Asking myself will this matter in five minutes, five days, five weeks, five years to put it in perspective • Identifying three specific things I’m grateful for to redirect my focus to what really matters • Walking my dog, meditating and practicing yoga daily to get out of my head When we hold on to what no longer serves us, we’re weighed down. Instead, let’s let go in order to fly and live authentically. Meg Burton Tudman Health Coach | Yoga Instructor www.MegBurtonTudman.com