Living a Magnificent Life is Rebellious

I frequently hear people expressing how challenging they feel life is. Many say they are frustrated, depressed, anxious, or downright angry. So the very idea that life holds the possibility of being magnificent may seem outrageous. You may ask how can life be magnificent when there is so much suffering on the planet right now? My answer to that is REBEL! Face your challenges and struggles by making your life truly magnificent. I am typically not a fan of the holiday season craziness. This year I chose to focus on the “Christ Consciousness” that abides within all of us and I found December almost enjoyable. Why is this Jewish man talking about Christ Consciousness? It matters not what religion we happen to be, a Divine Spirit lives within all of us. Beneath our personality and egoic mind dwells our holy soul, the shechina as it is known in the Hebrew Scriptures. We have the opportunity to access this amazing state of consciousness by keeping our focus in the here and now, savoring the precious moments experienced along the way. While this may seem simple, it is hardly easy. Our egoic minds tend to obsess about the past or future, frequently missing the magnificent moment. We touch our souls by focusing on and really experiencing the truly special moments of life. Speaking truth and living with integrity enrich our states of being as well. Being honorable and known as a person that can always be trusted goes a long way towards magnificence.

Discover what ignites your passion, it is a sure path to magnificence. Sing, dance, play, write, paint, plant a garden just do the things that get you fired up about life. For this rebel, downhill skiing in the winter and road cycling in the warmer months afford me a tremendous sense of exhilaration in the present moment.

The spiritual path is not all seriousness. It’s imperative that we have lots of fun along the way. What good is it to raise our consciousness if we aren’t enjoying life and seeing so much of the humor in it? Laugh long, hard and often. Go out there and live, a magnificent life awaits you!