Living the Truth is Rebellious

On the July 4th holiday I find myself troubled by what seems to be a complete disregard for integrity coming from Washington. Mr. Trump and his enablers don't seem to care about the best interests of our nation or who gets hurt by their lies.

Truth is typicallly thought of as factual, authentic or in accord with reality. We know the opposite of Truth would be falsehood. We are experiencing a period of time in which the Truth has become highly subjective and debatable. I wonder what the value proposition is in lying vs. telling the truth and why do most of us feel comfortable telling "white" lies as opposed to " big" lies?

Integrity has always been a key value in my life. I've told myself for years that I'm a man of my word. Yet if  I'm truly honest, the biggest lies I tell are to myself. The real question for me  is how can I consistently discover my real inner Truth and overcome my tendency towards self deception?

The Truth is an ultimate reality in the spiritual sense and views of it have been debated by the philosophers, theologians and scholars of the world forever. Few of us haven't heard the biblical passage from the New Testament : "the Truth will set you free" (John  8:32).  In this context, ther  are countless writings on Truth in all of the religious scriptures. As a long time spiritual seeker myself, The God of my understanding is the embodiment of Truth, beauty and goodness.

I strive to channel my inner rebel/higher power to grow mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I have come to realize that I have to be vigilant in challenging my ego's tendency to exaggerate, distort and manipulate. For me that is why living the Truth is rebellious.  As a nation  I hope and pray that we can  come to experience a  time of greater  Truth and integrity in the not too distant future