Our Rebel Instinct

As adults we are expected to conform, fit in to behavior patterns that society deems acceptable. In truth we all have an instinct to rebel, to stretch beyond the limits of our minds We intuitively know that deep within us lie the secrets of the universe, a vast and fabulous cosmos. A friction exists between our very fragile egos and a spiritual or cosmic perspective. We become increasingly restless, irritable and discontent living a conformist’s life and long for the mysteries of creation. Often we seek comfort self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, gambling, or countless other addictive behaviors.

For this rebel, I have struggled through most of my life with conformity. In my youth  I was a natural born rebel living on a commune in California (seen in attached photo). It was an era when so many of my generation were rebelling and needless to say it has been a huge challenge now for me to “grow up” just to fit in to society’s expectations.

I have learned to challenge the choices handed down by society’s institutions. It hasn’t been an easy journey and sometimes has been quite frustrating and often lonely. Yet I continue to grow, expand my self- awareness and desire to serve others as a means of transcending my ego and self-absorption.