Solitude is Rebellious

Our lives today are constantly bombarded by noise and distraction. Smartphones, computers, radios and televisions are almost never off. Notice how challenging it is to go a minute or two while waiting for anything without checking our e-mail, newsfeed or social media. This lack of quiet has created an epidemic of stress,anxiety and depression in our society. It is difficult to be alone and quiet with our thoughts for even five minutes. We are habituated to fill every moment with some form of stimulation that ultimately influences all of our thoughts, emotions and actions.

For this rebel,spending quiet time in solitude on a daily basis is imperative for my peace of mind. Closing my eyes and breathing consciously in mindful meditation and contemplation have liberated me from much of my day to day neuroses’,self-doubts,fears and phobias.

We must embrace solitude in order to come to know ourselves on a soul level. True inner growth can only occur when one spends time alone listening to the silence. I’ve come to view my time alone as a gift, an opportunity to experience potentially deep levels of awareness that turn out to be transformational.

Time spent in solitude experiencing the serenity of silence is far different than loneliness. To allow oneself to be alone can be uncomfortable until we get in touch with a higher self awareness. This can only happen by tuning out all the noise and transcending what we are afraid to see that blocks us. Often it takes considerable time and discipline staying in solitude and silence to cut through all of our baggage and deep seated pain to see the light of our true selves in the present moment.

Most of us, myself included have spent so much of our lives searching for the truth outside of ourselves. Once we realize that the answer lies within, we get to know where real contentment and true happiness lie.