Cycling is Rebellious

I'm an avid cyclist, not to be confused with a biker. Cyclists ride bicycles --typically road bikes -- and are often seen  sporting tight padded spandex shorts and colorful biking jerseys. Bikers ride big Harley Davidson motorcycles, wear "colors" and leather jackets and often are members of 'biker clubs."  Bikers like the Hells Angels have always been seen as the archetypal rebels in this country. So you may ask what makes "cycling" rebellious.  For this rebel,  it is the ultimate expression of freedom. It is using my own physical strength to climb that big hill and then experiencing the exhilaration of speeding down the other side often as fast as 40 MPH. It's rebelling against a sedentary lifestyle, being outside for hours usually with likeminded friends away from our cars, computers and all the technology that constantly distracts us from the silence of our souls that can be felt riding along a country road.

Living an active lifestyle for me is health rebelling against sickness, life rebelling against death. Cycling happens to be one of my favorite ways to exercise and stay active. I've developed great friendships with my fellow cyclists, and we have had the opportunity to be involved in charity bike rides, letting me give back to my community and causes  I am passionate about.

Riding a road bike isn't for everyone. It can be dangerous sharing the roads with motor vehicles, and I know that many people just feel too exposed out there in traffic. For me, facing the fear head-on feels rebellious as well.

Whether or not cycling is for you, become active in a way that is fun and excites you.  It will awaken your "inner rebel" and  improve your life in ways that will amaze you.