Rebellion '16.....The Presidential Election Outcome

I was stunned by Donald Trump's victory and have been on an emotional roller coaster all week. I’m a politics junkie, have been since JFK was President. I’ve always been intrigued by elections, especially by the Presidential races. This year is very different and like many of us I’m distressed by the toxic tone and lack of civility that has taken hold of our country.

The race has a had quite a rebellious tone, a rallying cry against a corrupt system on both sides. Many people especially young millennials were embracing Bernie Sanders’ progressive message during the primary season. On the other side, the disenfranchised white working class along with many who were just fed up with the Republican “elite” got fired up by Trump’s nationalist message. As it turned out Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee became the symbol of the establishment that people are so angry with. Many progressives were  challenged to support her if for no other reason than to prevent a Trump presidency and too many just didn't show up to vote.

Now that the election is finally over, my intense election fatigue has become sheer exhaustion. I fear for our future and have concern over whether we can ever have bipartisan respectful and civil discourse again. Election-related stress is running rampant among supporters on both sides.

Perhaps instead of each side angrily trying to belittle and prove each other wrong, a true rebellion would be about coming to understand the opposing views on the issues and how to best solve the country’s problems.

The people have spoken, we need time to heal.  As a country we have always survived and hopefully will rise above the adversity. I remain very concerned, pray that the rancor will die down, we will become a kinder, more civil and respectful nation sooner than later.