The God You Don’t Believe in Doesn’t Exist

I don’t “believe” in God. What I mean by stating to Atheists or those that question the existence of God is that the super hero, long white bearded judgmental God sitting up in heaven doesn’t exist.

God  is far beyond any form we humans have tried to put on him (she or it) The word God has been terribly misunderstood from the beginning of time, in fact the sheer magnitude of the universal divine force defies comprehension of the human mind.

Many religious fundamentalists who claim to be following God’s teachings are simply spewing dogma as a means of controlling people.

God is life itself, beyond all form and ideology, available to all, manifesting as pure love.

I am a spiritual seeker, have been for most of my life. That being said, I have some of the most compelling spiritual conversations with friends who profess to be atheist. Recently I had lunch with one of my atheist friends. He is retired doctor who shared with me that he couldn’t believe in a God that allowed so much of the horrible suffering in children he treated as a pediatrician in his early career. We do however agree that there is a “force” that is greater than we are that just may have created and now sustains the universe.

My true essence could only start to be realized by becoming a spiritual rebel. I had to question the rules of my Jewish heritage in order to come to know a power greater than my small ego. This Self or Soul is the guiding light of my life. It has been the healing force of my life in recovery.

Everyone of us has this “Higher Self” within us that can be experienced typically in moments of deep silence. We each have a unique path home to our soul. Mediation, prayer, quiet time in nature, music and art are some of the ways.

What has been taught by the saints, sages and prophets of all the true religious traditions is that God is Love, simple pure Love that is accessible to each and every one of us.


Rebel, It’s Time to Care Less

These days it’s difficult not to focus on the vast array of outrageous news that bombards us from far too many sources. There are the President’s non stop mostly ridiculous and outrageous tweets that cable news and social media are intent on repeating ad nauseam. What if we consciously decide to stop giving up our serenity by paying so much  attention to him? I have wasted countless energy discussing how he and his administration are going to destroy our democracy, the environment and start World War III! I’ve recently come to the realization that we will endure this presidency, survive and most likely thrive in the future.

All the mass shootings are tragic and quite disturbing indeed . And what about the threat of terrorism that politicians want us to believe we are in imminent danger of at any moment. These two issues are are almost one and the same.  While they are real dangers, chances are we are more likely to have a piano fall on us than be killed by a terrorist attack or mass shooting. Don’t misunderstand me, I am an advocate for reasonable gun control. What I am trying to convey is that these issues loom so large because they have become viral, grabbing our attention from whatever screen we happen to have our face in. If we gave much less attention to them, they wouldn’t necessarily stop occurring but much of the energy that fuels them would dissipate.

You see whether it’s Trump, the Terrorists or the Mass Shooters, what they all share is an obsession with being the center of attention and the media especially viral social media only feed their obsession. 

When we place too much of our focus on the sensational and all too often disturbing events that are in our daily news feeds, we give up our connection to our soul’s inner tranquility. I’m not saying to bury your head in the sand, I care about mankind’s well being. Just place more of your focus on truth beauty and goodness and care about the  best things in life that really matter. 

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Cycling is Rebellious

I'm an avid cyclist, not to be confused with a biker. Cyclists ride bicycles --typically road bikes -- and are often seen  sporting tight padded spandex shorts and colorful biking jerseys. Bikers ride big Harley Davidson motorcycles, wear "colors" and leather jackets and often are members of 'biker clubs."  Bikers like the Hells Angels have always been seen as the archetypal rebels in this country. So you may ask what makes "cycling" rebellious.  For this rebel,  it is the ultimate expression of freedom. It is using my own physical strength to climb that big hill and then experiencing the exhilaration of speeding down the other side often as fast as 40 MPH. It's rebelling against a sedentary lifestyle, being outside for hours usually with likeminded friends away from our cars, computers and all the technology that constantly distracts us from the silence of our souls that can be felt riding along a country road.

Living an active lifestyle for me is health rebelling against sickness, life rebelling against death. Cycling happens to be one of my favorite ways to exercise and stay active. I've developed great friendships with my fellow cyclists, and we have had the opportunity to be involved in charity bike rides, letting me give back to my community and causes  I am passionate about.

Riding a road bike isn't for everyone. It can be dangerous sharing the roads with motor vehicles, and I know that many people just feel too exposed out there in traffic. For me, facing the fear head-on feels rebellious as well.

Whether or not cycling is for you, become active in a way that is fun and excites you.  It will awaken your "inner rebel" and  improve your life in ways that will amaze you.