Whining about bottled wine. Go for the box.

What the hell is the matter with drinking wine out of a box?  It just seems like everyone is so stuffy about their wine habits nowadays.   Screw those snobs. I shop at thrift store and love garage sales.  And Cosco is my friend.  So why won't I rebel against all this hoopla and go for value?

When you buy your wine in a box,  you are buying bulk and you are paying for expensive packaging -- glass.

And I rather spend my time not going back to the store for more wine or finding a corkscrew in my cluttered drawer.    I put that box in my trig and it lasts for weeks, unless I am having a really bad week.    Plus do you know how many corks have landed in my bottled wine?

There's a very good list of box wines at a website called Reverse Wine Snob.  You should check it out.