The God You Don’t Believe in Doesn’t Exist

I don’t “believe” in God. What I mean by stating to Atheists or those that question the existence of God is that the super hero, long white bearded judgmental God sitting up in heaven doesn’t exist.

God  is far beyond any form we humans have tried to put on him (she or it) The word God has been terribly misunderstood from the beginning of time, in fact the sheer magnitude of the universal divine force defies comprehension of the human mind.

Many religious fundamentalists who claim to be following God’s teachings are simply spewing dogma as a means of controlling people.

God is life itself, beyond all form and ideology, available to all, manifesting as pure love.

I am a spiritual seeker, have been for most of my life. That being said, I have some of the most compelling spiritual conversations with friends who profess to be atheist. Recently I had lunch with one of my atheist friends. He is retired doctor who shared with me that he couldn’t believe in a God that allowed so much of the horrible suffering in children he treated as a pediatrician in his early career. We do however agree that there is a “force” that is greater than we are that just may have created and now sustains the universe.

My true essence could only start to be realized by becoming a spiritual rebel. I had to question the rules of my Jewish heritage in order to come to know a power greater than my small ego. This Self or Soul is the guiding light of my life. It has been the healing force of my life in recovery.

Everyone of us has this “Higher Self” within us that can be experienced typically in moments of deep silence. We each have a unique path home to our soul. Mediation, prayer, quiet time in nature, music and art are some of the ways.

What has been taught by the saints, sages and prophets of all the true religious traditions is that God is Love, simple pure Love that is accessible to each and every one of us.


Tuning Out the News and Social Media for Sanity

Recently my experience is that of being constantly bombarded by information overload. The world today has become far too over stimulated and the news is all too often unsettling to say the least. The headlines pop up on my iPhone, laptop, iPad  and television. My face is all too often found staring at a screen. Whether it comes from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flipboard or the traditional news outlets, it's been a huge challenge to turn off the devices and turn my focus inward.

The very divisive tone and rancor being communicated has served to heighten my anxiety level and I know I'm not alone. The simple solution I've discovered for myself has been to take periodic news and social media "fasts".

Last week I took 4 days off  while I was  enjoying my avocation as a ski instructor for the President's week vacation. Every time I tune out, it's amazing how much more serene I feel. I say this is a simple solution, yet it isn't always easy. It takes discipline and self-control. For many of us, constantly checking our news feeds has practically become an addiction. What

I've also discovered for my peace of mind, is the need to remain detached and respectful in my interactions with family and friends about the current political climate. One of the most famous slogans of the 60's rebellion was "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out".

Back then tuning in was supposed to mean getting in touch with your higher self.  Of course that was way before social media and smart phones. Today I suggest revising the slogan as follows: Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop In.

For this rebel it's a strategy for regaining a semblance of balance and enlightened consciousness in my life. Turn off  your device, tune out the insane toxic information overload and drop in to the silence, your true inner self.

Out Of Control?

I dreamt of a tidal wave, didn't get swept away but it was a wake-up call. As you can imagine, when you have vivid dreams like that you wake up pretty shaken. Upon analyzing my dream, I realized I've been bottling up lots of feelings and emotions. To me, the dream symbolizes that I have to get rid of old habits that are no longer serving me, before I really do get carried away by the tidal wave of life. Time to start in a new place. As any human on this planet, there are always overwhelming emotional issues that demand our attention.  We burn the candle at both ends and the middle.  Are you a chaos addict or an adrenaline junkie?  The problem is when it shows.  Revealing the unbalance when you are late for everything, unprepared, disorganized, and forgetful.  People need to take care of themselves. We need wise selfishness in all kinds of relationships. If you need time for yourself, you must take it or else you'll feel like a plant trying to grow in the driest soil. We must water and nurture ourselves. People need growth and stability.

On a positive note, a wake-up call like this is refreshing when you realize that you need to make brand new starts in certain places of your life and clear away old things. It's a renewal process.  Like a butterfly shedding its cocoon and flying, living free and happy.   Is it time for change? People view change to be a scary or intimidating thing. It's time to confront  and quiet down those overwhelming rough waters and have calm peaceful balance.  When those waves creep back up again, we can learn how to surf and enjoy them.  Instead of being terrified and disturbed by uncertainties, we can learn how to ride the waves out.