Do You Believe in You?

I love a fresh start, a clean slate. While I think something as small as a deep breath can wipe the slate, the end of the year also represents an opportunity to begin again. If you let it, yearend can be a time to celebrate everything you’ve accomplished, all the ways you’ve grown and all the things you’re inspired to undertake in the new year. As you celebrate and look forward, I invite you to consider your ideal state for 2017. With that ideal state in mind, what will you need to change to get to that state? Whether it’s a goal, a new year’s resolution, a fresh intention, or even a different mantra – give thought to what you’d like to embark on and why it’s important to you. That “why” is critical to stay motivated and to give meaning to your changes.

Change can be hard, we’re creatures of comfort and often the devil we know is more comfortable than the one we don’t. That’s why, come mid-February, many people have conveniently forgotten about their new year’s resolutions. Set yourself up for success this year and if you veer off track, take a breath, wipe the slate clean and start again.

Here are some things I do to keep inspiration strong and my head and heart focused on my intentions:

• Write down your intention and post it in a place (or multiple places) where you’ll see it often • Create an inspiration board with images and words that evoke your goal and how it will feel when you accomplish it (if you don’t have a lot of magazines handy, then Pinterest boards are great for this, take a screenshot of your board and use it as your computer wallpaper) • Get an accountability partner who will support you and who you will be responsible to • Visualize achieving your ideal state, imagine all the ways your life will be different in deep detail • Break your resolution into manageable steps and create a schedule to keep moving forward • Track your progress and celebrate big, as well as small, milestones

Let your next breath signal a fresh start and then take your first step towards your new intention, you’ve got this! Meg Burton Tudman Health Coach | Yoga Teacher